The Power of Justice

Spider CowThe Power of Justice

“Poor People make more Crimes than Rich people”

I do not agree with this statement because sometimes rich people become over run by money and do stupid things. But on the other hand when poor people make crimes it is almost always stealing but they have to do it for survival! They have to gather food and water for there families or they will die! They have reasons of making crimes and sure it’s not a good thing, and they probably don’t want to steal but it’s for the sake of themselves, and there family! But if a rich person does become over run by power they will probably go on drugs and do drunk driving to make themselves think that they are cool.  But that is not the case with every one. Bill Gates has as much power as a man can get and he uses millions, maybe billions of dollars to charity! If people could make a difference to the poor and the world, life would be a paradise. That is the power of justice. No matter what kind of justice like the picture above.

Picture called: Spider cow Picture by: pieber


Destiny? What is destiny? Is it something that randomly happens? Or do you make your own? My question is, is how far destiny may take you or me? Will it take to the hockey hall of fame, or will leave you as a Mcdonalds worker till you are ninety? In my opinion it is a bit random, and a bit of you. Lets say your dream goal is to go to the Summer Olympics. You decide if your going to push yourself and do laps around the track, or watch T.V all day eating sprinkled donuts? And sure some of it might be random but I think that it is your life and you can almost shape it anyway you want it to be! You got one chance I forget this rule a lot and hopefully you don’t to but you’ve got to make the best of everything. So? What will your destiny be?black holePicture called: event horizon by ghost of kuji

Kensuke’s Kingdom

This is a glog. It is quite a cool feature that can help you do many projects! I used it for a book review. The book is called “Kensuke’s Kingdom.” It is a fast, moving, thrilling adventure that any reader will love and treasure. Please enjoy! To see my full Glog Click Here

We did Pic-Lits

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Pic-Lits is a new tool from the United Kingdom that is very fun! You can look at cool, interesting pictures and create your own text to fit the picture! As you can see in the one I made up above. I thought that it was quite a funny picture and that a sentence like this would go perfect! It’s kind of like flickr or compfight but you can help the picture!

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Does A Seed Have Life?

Our class has been having a debate on if a seed is a living thing, or not a living thing. The side that I took was that a seed does live. Well I chose that side because a seed can take in water from wet, soggy soil, it can also absorb sunlight for food, And it will grow into a big, healthy plant! And some plants are pretty intelligent. Like the Venus Fly trap has a sticky, gooey mouth which it uses very well to it’s advantage. The scent of the slime attracts fly’s, so when a fly come to eat it will get stuck. Then it will slowly close it’s mouth and eat the fly. And some plants in the world will grow on trees, and when they get huge they will rap themselves around trees and kill the tree so they can take over. And if a seed was not alive, then how would it make a living plant? The seed is just like us in a way. When we are in are mothers before we are born, we are still alive, just haven’t grown up.

Although the side that thought the seed was not alive said that the seed was not a living thing, because if it wasn’t in soil and just sitting on a table, it would never grow because it did not have the supplies. But in my opinion the seed would be like a fish out of water. A fish is a living thing but when it’s out of water, it cant do anything! Just like the seed! So which side will you take, mine and say that it’s a living thing, or go to the dark side, and say that it’s not living? Leave a comment, and make your vote!

Picture: Sunflowers by mike@bensalemSunflowers by mike@bensalem

Lazo Woods

Lazo Woods, a magical forest,
So quiet that the animals think we’re tourist,
Such beauty that it’s hard not to stay,
I love it so much that I could even pay,
Great, big, huge trees,
sometimes I even drop to my knees,
such cool critters crawling about,
that I want to say all there names by making a shout,
Lazo Woods, a wondrous place,
such amazing woods that I could bring them home and put them in a case,
Lazo Woods… a great place.

Grandma, Grandma…

Grandma, Grandma, has come to go,
Sad I still am as the wind blows,

Though if I could say one last good-bye,
It still today makes me cry,
I never got to know her very well,
But in my heart I know that she was pretty swell,
If I could hug her one more time,
I would pay a billion dimes,
Grandma, Grandma…
I miss you.
Picture by Vermin bird

Canada Wins Gold

Canada has finally won gold right here at  home in Vancouver! Even better than that they have the world record for most gold medals at one Olympic winter games! It all started with Alexandre Bilodeauwho had finished second in the qualifying round. He was Canada’s last skier and the other two were in third and fourth. But in first spot was a man named Dale-Beg Smith. He was really Canadian but he decided to ski for Australia. But Alex Bilideau had a great run. He managed on the first jump a 7.20 spinning back flip! On the second jump he did a simple yet effective iron cross back flip. His time was 24.17. He barely passed Dale-begsmith and Bilodeau won Canada’s first gold at home. But the gold I loved seeing most was the Canadian hockey team winning that great game. Sorry to all Americans who read this post. I found it touching how anybody on the team could have scored the game winning goal but it was Crosby. Congratulations to all are athletes.

What Makes You Want To Live?

The reason I want to live is to make it to the Olympics. The sports that I would like to do most is Hockey and one hundred meter sprinting or any long distance run. Of course friends and family come first, but the thing that matters is what you love and want to do for the rest of your life. The Olympics mean so much to me!  I don’t have a role model that plays hockey, but I do have  two role models. My first one that has the world record for both the two hundred and the one hundred meter sprints is Usain Bolt. He may have grown from a little Island called Jamaica, but he showed the world that he could have a chance to show what he’s got. In the 2008 summer Olympics, he was the underdog because it was his first Olympics, and he was going against the two other fastest men in the world. But he didn’t care. He persevered through that and showed the entire stadium of Beijing that he could do the impossible.

My second role model is a student teacher in my class named Luke Laurie. He was a competitive figure skater, that got picked on because he didn’t play hockey. Although he shrugged it of and won nearly every competition in the province and nearly made it to the Olympics! His role model was Kurt Browning who was the first figure skater to ever do a quadruple spin, and land in a competition. He grew up in a small town just like Luke Laurie did and got picked on as well. But look what he’s done now. He’s one of the most remembered athletes of figure skating in all the Olympic Winter Games history! Luke Laurie has been an honor to meet. He doesn’t brag about the amazing skills he knows he has. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. I wish that he could teach me his skating skills for hockey. And he told me maybe the speech of my life. He said that know matter what your goal is in life, know matter what anybody thinks, you can give it a shot. These are the kind of athletes that I watch for and adore.

The thing I have in common with these two athletes is people may think “why does Danny  go for 6km jogs with his dad every day?” ” Why does Danny drag a stupid tire behind his back while sprinting to work out.” Well why you you ask? Because I have a goal in life to be the best athlete I can be. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m quite great right now, but never good enough. Sometimes when you don’t feel like training then that’s the time you have to push yourself. And who cares if your a grown man that loves ballet! Who cares what anybody says! Do what you love and become the best you can be! Don’t let anybody stop you! I hope that you find your goal in life, and treasure it and hold on to you dreams.  I may not make it to the Olympics, but I sure am going to give my all and keep in training. And that’s exactly what I’m going to try to do. olympicLogo

Hockey, Hockey, a Great Ol Game

Hockey, Hockey, it’s a great ol game,
for when I play,  it’s not the same,It’s Canada’s game that we all treasure,

We love this sport that it’s beyond measure,
Hockey, Hockey, a great ol game,
anything compared to Hockey is pretty lame,
although made many years ago,
it’s still loved today, row on row,
Hockey, Hockey, a great ol game,
I hope to play enough, to make it to the fame,
Canada. Hockey’s our game.