Who’s The Best?


Ever wondered who was the best hockey player who ever lived? Well I sure do! Right now I think Wayne Gretzky and Bobby Orr have been the best but Gordie Howe was also very good. Wayne Gretzky was the smartest player ever, Bobby Orr was the best defence man ever and last is Gordie Howe who knew how to fight, score and pass. People were scared to go near him! I also can’t forget about Mario Lemiuex who was a fantastic goal scorer for the Pittsburgh Penguins. He has the record for the Penguins for most goals in playoffs which is sixteen goals! Who  do you think was the best EVER!

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  1. Hello from Dalian, China!
    Danny, I spent many years growing up in Toronto so I was a big Leafs fan! -Please forgive me! 😉
    One day this player that I thought was the most over-rated player in the world was coming to town with his Edmonton team and I thought I’d go to the game to ‘prove’ that everything they said about him was just hype. My friend and I paid scalpers almost all the money we had to get the best seats we could… we sat 3 seats back from the Maple Leaf bench… the best seats I have ever had!
    So we went to the game to ‘prove’ that Wayne Gretzky was the most over-rated player and instead we left as two of his biggest fans! He was amazing! The Leafs lost 9-6 and Gretzky had 5 or 6 points (sorry it was a long time ago, I don’t remember exactly). He would have had a dozen points if he had another Gretzky on his team!
    I remember one particular play where defense-man Stuart Gavin was skating out of his zone, just about at the blue line, (not even 4 meters away from me). Way on the other side of the ice Wayne Gretzky was also at the blue line. I watched him do a little spin-o-ramma and wondered why would he do that all the way on the other end of the ice? After the spin he headed straight for Stuart Gavin, lifted his stick from behind, and went in to score a breakaway goal… Amazing!
    By doing his little spin-o-ramma, Wayne Gretzky got out of Stuart Gavin’s line of sight AND he also maintained his speed so that he would be able to catch Stuart. I watched Wayne the whole night and in just one game he went, in my eyes, from being the most over-rated player to being the best player that ever lived!
    Wayne Gretzky gets my vote!
    So who do you think is the best athlete that ever lived? What sport did he or she play?
    ~Mr. Truss

  2. Hi Danny,

    Great blog. I can see you’re really passionate about hockey. I have a 12 year old son who also loves hockey, except since we live in Australia it’s field hockey, not ice hockey! Do you play?

    Keep up the good work!

    (Japanese Teacher in Perth, Western Australia)

  3. Dear Mr. Truss…
    I think the greatest athlete in the world is a one hundred meter runner named Usain Bolt who broke the world record! His time was 9.54! He doesn’t even try! Thank you!

  4. I saw Usain Bolt break the record on television… Amazing!
    However I think if you are going to talk about the GREATEST athlete ever, it should be someone who has both talent and gives 100% in everything he or she does! For instance check out what James Cleveland “Jesse” Owens did. His long jump record held for 25 years! Also, he had to overcome many challenges that athletes today do not.
    Or have a look at what Martina Navratilova or Chris Evert did in Tennis.
    These are athletes that were very successful and they always gave their best performance and to me that makes them great!

  5. I so think bobby orr is the best hockey player ever. gretsky is pretty good but bobby orr i think is by far the best player. i am also a bruins fan so that could have to do with my thought of having orr is the best player. gordy howe is the second best player. no actually wayne. then mario then howe.

  6. Hi Danny, I don’t now much about hocky but I think it is Wayne Greszky thats the best. The best goaly is loungo. Bye

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